mardi 10 juin 2008

In English please.

After many days of thinking and wondering, I finally decided to continue this blog in english. Reason is that I have more virtual friends - from Ravelry or elsewhere - who are english speaking than french speaking. And my ONE french reader also speaks and blogs in english. So I will here after always post in english. This also means that my Danish family, can follow my knitting/crocheting/spinning adventures, if they want to. They do understand english, but most of them can't understand one single word of French.

I've just been to Geneva to wave good-bye to my Dad and stepmother, who have been on holidays here for two weeks. We have spent some really nice days together, but MY GOD, has the weather been BAD! It is pouring, and thundering, and pouring, and raining, and grey almost all the time. Some times the sun comes out for a few hours, and it gets warm immediately, but it never lasts long. Soon the clouds are back and it's pouring, it's raining, pouring, pouring, raining....
Worst thing, is that in Denmark the weather has been wonderful the last two or three weeks, sunny every day, lovely temperatures. But now that they are going back it will change, get a bit colder and wetter! That's no fun!

This is fun : Spinning

The first photo is the roving I bought with my Asford spindle from Pancake and Lulu. The second is the 120m skein I got from it. I plied it with a string of mohair yarn, Aurore from Phildar. The third one is a yarn I made in colaboration with Sylvie : I spun the green yarn, which Sylvie dyed, and she spun (and dyed) the red/yellow singles, and I plied them together. Hmmm, it's one of the first yarns I made, so it's far from perfect, but I still like it. I'm knitting up the blue/purple yarn now, on needles 5mm. I don't know yet what it's going to be. Maybe a scarf (but the yarn is rather itchy), maybe a bag. I can't show a photo, because my MIL and SIL just left for Corsica with my camera in their luggage! It has to wait until next week. I can't show the red merino singles I dyed and spun either, nor the orange/yellow 2 plied I just finished, nor the singles of un-dyed BFL I just started.

I've been kind. Some time ago Kietiekat, asked me if she could buy a skein of Phildar's Manhattan from me. Off course she couldn't! There was no way I was going to sell a skein. So I sent it to her for free. She was very surprised and happy, and said that it was not often you meet people like me. Well I do think there's a lot of us out there, and anyway, people who aren't kind like that, don't know what they are missing. Don't they know that kindness always pays off? Look at it this way : Kietiekat asked what I would like in return. I said that she didn't have to send something, but if she wanted to surprise me with a skein from her stash I would be really happy. Well I got, not one, but two skeins of Peru from Sirdar! It's a wonderful Alpaca/wool blend in a blueish color. I love it! So .... I sent off 1 skein, and got 2 back, and everyone is happy! Kindness does come back to you, always! Sometimes it doesn't come back immediately, but one day it will get back to you.

I'll be back soon. Hmmm, I hope! With photos and news from the knitting front....